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Public Lending Right in the Netherlands

When a library lends a book, CD or DVD, the relevant rightholders are entitled to compensation. This used to be the responsibility of the government. Since 1996, when an actual public lending right was first incorporated in the Dutch Copyright Act (Auteurswet) and the Dutch Neighbouring Rights Act (Wet op de naburige rechten), this has been the responsibility of Stichting Leenrecht (Dutch Public Lending Right Office).

Stichting Leenrecht collects these public lending right payments directly from libraries, but also toy, CD and art lending libraries. Every year, Stichting Leenrecht pays the compensation to tens of thousands of rightholders. This is done through distribution agencies. These are existing organizations that each focus on a special group of rightholders. This is how authors, translators, illustrators, photographers, designers, publishers, composers, musicians, actors, artists, producers and other rightholders receive their payment. In addition, a small amount of the payments are often used for social and cultural purposes for the benefit of the rightholders.


Advocate General ECJ on E-lending

The Advocate General at the ECJ delivered his conclusion on 16 June 2016. The ruling of the European Court is expected at the end of 2016. »